Bus driver brings Storrow Drive to a halt, but narrowly avoids peeling his bus open

Near Storrowing by a bus

Or is that side of the BU Bridge still technically Soldiers Field Road? In any case, if he has any passengers, they're probably relieved he had good enough reflexes to stop before plowing into the lower train bridge there.



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No legible; still Soldiers Field Road

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The company name isn't legible at the maximum resolution of Ms. Popko's Twitter post. The logo doesn't resemble any bus company logos that I'm familiar with -- and I work with charter buses a lot. When I enlarge the photo, the license plate looks sort of orange, which would make it a New York state plate.

That section of parkway is officially Soldiers Field Road. The transition between it and James J. Storrow Memorial Drive is at University Road, which is the side street leading to Commonwealth Avenue, just to the east of the B,U, Bridge.

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College Tour?

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I don't remember the company name, but I'm pretty sure I saw this bus on Mt. Auburn in Harvard Square today.

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University sports teams competing in Boston.

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That is correct. The first segment of Soldiers Field Road was in the vicinity of Harvard Stadium, opened as a through road in 1904. It was extended eastward in segments and reached University Road in 1929, just after the Cottage Farm Bridge opened in August 1928. (Boston University began relocating its campus in the 1930s, and the bridge was renamed after the university in 1949.) At that time inbound traffic on Soldiers Field Road had the option of turning right onto University Road to access Comm. Ave., the bridge, or nearby Brookline neighborhoods; or it could continue straight onto Bay State Road.

Storrow Drive opened as a 4-lane road on June 15, 1951. It proved too narrow to meet traffic demand and was widened to 6 lanes in 1954-55. Soldiers Field Road, also originally 4 lanes, was likewise widened to 6 lanes in 1954-55, which is also when its underpasses were built.

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Four lanes, not six, here

This part of Storrow Drive, from the BU Bridge to Charlesgate, is four lanes, not six. So is the connecting part of Soldiers Field Road as it follows the bend of the Charles River towards Cambridge Street in Allston. The six-lane parts are further east and further west.

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