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Bus/car crash in Uphams Corner injures several

Uphams Corner crash scene

The scene this morning. Photo by Chris Dunn.

NBC Boston reports a driver seems to have plowed through a red light and right into an MBTA bus shortly after 6 a.m. at Columbia Road and Dudley Street. The Globe reports seven injured.



Several people injured enough to go to the hospital. Hundreds of people delayed. State property damaged. And what will happen to the dangerous, criminal driver who caused all this? A measly ticket. No lessons will be learned. Drivers will continue to break the law and injure and kill people.

We need to start tossing them in jail, taking away their license and suing them into oblivion. We need more bus only lanes. We need red light cameras to catch and ticket criminal drivers. We need police to actually do their job and enforce the laws of the road. We need to value human lives more than cars.

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Well said, but i'm really surprised this driver will only get a ticket for this. Is it not a crime to hit a bus and injure people?

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I mean, the ticket and insurance surcharge means nothing in addition to the fact that the person's vehicle is probably wrecked. I say, what Massachusetts, and probably the whole of the United States, needs is a get tough approach towards motor vehicle crashes. Perhaps a year in jail for the first time someone runs a light would teach people that red means stop.

It's time for an era of mass incarceration to begin. Good thinking, Kinopio, with your tough on crime attitude.

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Mass incarceration is bad, yes.

But so are reckless, careless, (homicidal,) drivers.

Just because the second isn't a structural problem, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt innocent people.

Just because the first is a structural problem, doesn't mean that structural solutions are not appropriate as a response to the second.

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These people are bad drivers. They need to be punished.

The Chinese are building re-education camps at a breakneck pace. If we did it here for drivers, Kinopio would be happy.

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You might not like the guy, but he's right about this, and your reeducation camp bullshit makes you seem like the crazy person here.

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Jail time for people who run red lights it is.

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So the evidence will show who is at fault. The police will investigate and the courts will decide what punishment the driver deserves.

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