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Cambridge man charged with offering to buy drinks for people who kill cops, Uber drivers

Wicked Local Cambridge reports somebody who saw James Bradford Seawell's alleged offer on Craigslist called police, who arrested him on charges of threatening to commit crime and soliciting to commit crime.

Innocent, etc.



Activist and was on the Cambridge Art Council. They've scrubbed their website as of today.

~Cambridge Resident

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How do you know it was soliciting people to commit a crime and not something else?

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explain this, then?

The post reportedly read: “Let’s get something done (Somerville) Sick of Uber drivers stopping suddenly in traffic? Sick of Somerville and Cambridge cops who live in Sudbury or some other f--- place? Let’s kill them. I want to see people killing cops and Uber drivers in and around Cambridge and Somerville and I’ll buy you a drink at...” Then he allegedly listed a specific business, which was redacted from the police report.

When he was told that his warrant arrest was regarding the Craigslist post, Seawell allegedly responded, “I may have done something stupid.

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Something tells me this may not be his first.

Drunk posting?

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