In Cambridge, man gets punched for yelling at woman for littering, but not by the woman

Cambridge Police report on an incident on White Street in Porter Square on Thursday:

CPD units were dispatched to a disturbance in Porter Square, where a male confronted a female for littering and she exited her car and threw a liquid at him. The liquid actually struck two men and one man thought the other male had thrown the liquid and punched him.



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Don’t miss this one (at nearly the same location)!

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CPD units were dispatched to the area of a Porter Square market for a shoplifting involving a large amount of shrimp. The suspect fled into backyards in Somerville.”

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That Is Actually Common

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Unclear whether it is one person or people, but it occurs all over the Boston area. You can be assured they are selling it to some unscrupulous restaurant.

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White Street

is the address of all the stores in the Porter Square Shopping Center. This in particular must be the Star Market.

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Exactly why I don’t call out litterbugs. Yesterday I saw a guy flick a cigarette onto Boylston St, 10 feet from me. I don’t want to be assaulted so I ignore it.

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Hey Moe!

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Isn't this about how every Three Stooges food fight starts?

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what are you

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a wise guy eh?

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