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Charlestown man charged with sexual attack on the Orange Line

Gregory Rieschick

Transit Police report arresting Gregory Rieschick, 38, of Charlestown, on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident around 5:15 a.m. on May 2 on an inbound Orange Line train that had just left Malden Center.

Victim boarded an inbound Orange Line train from Malden Center. While standing inside the train a male positioned himself very close to her. Shortly thereafter the offending male Indecently Assaulted the victim.

Police report officers caught up with Riseschick today at the Community College stop and arrested him.

Innocent, etc.

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What a way to start your morning...

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Glad that the assailant was caught. Here's hoping that he's put behind bars for a good long time. He deserves it!

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A *suspect* has been *charged*.

One day, a family member of a UH commenter will be erroneously charged, and that one UH commenter will finally learn that charged is not the same as guilty or convicted.

But other UH commenters will continue to be bad Americans, by making this mistake on every UH crime post.

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Women are DONE with being abused. #MeToo

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