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Checking out the new neighbors in Allston



"Where do we go next? All the good stuff is gone and the only things left are rancid hot dogs and some old copies of last week's Metro."

"Let's head down to Brighton Avenue. I hear they left a couch out there."

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Every year our sentries assess the seasonal invasion of colonial occupiers and the blight they inflict upon our sacred lands to formulate a cunning strategy for intractable resistance and glorious liberation of Greater Brookline

Our name is legion for we are many. Shadows among the alleys and gutters... Rafters in the trees and rooftops.... Fleet of foot and feather in the streets...

We are waiting
We are watching
We are judging
We are ready

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Happy Allston Thanksgiving and Allston Christmas!

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I just moved to Allston
That is part of boston
The bed is to large
The phone is charged
I am ready to get lost in

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