Chinatown massage parlor offered more than back rubs, DA charges

Rose Health Spa

The owner of a Harrison Avenue spa and three other massage parlors in the Boston area was arrested yesterday on human-trafficking charges related to the sexual services her workers allegedly offered male customers, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office reports.

Dan T. Zheng,47, was arrested at her Rose Health Spa, 213 Harrison Ave. by Boston Police officers, the Middlesex DA's office reports. They then turned her over to police in Arlington so she could be arraigned today in Cambridge District Court on charges of trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, deriving support from prostitution and procuring support for prostitution, the DA's office reports.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that after she's arraigned on those charges, she'll face similar charges in Boston.

Six women workers, identified as "victims," were found in the four spas, in Chinatown, Stoneham, Arlington and Dracut, the Middlesex DA's office reports.

In addition to raiding the four massage parlors, police also searched Zheng's apartment on Maple Place in Chinatown, around the corner from the Rose Health Spa.

According to the Middlesex DA:

In June of 2018, members of the FBI Boston Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Task Force and Malden Police Detectives began conducting undercover surveillance on the four massage parlors allegedly being operated by Zheng. Over the course of their investigation police learned that male clients were allegedly being offered, and accepting additional services of a sexual nature following their scheduled massage for an additional fee. Investigators subsequently learned that Zheng was allegedly the person in charge of the day-to-day operations of the massage parlors and that, as part of running the business, she schedules appointments and has transported employees from Boston to the massage parlors for work. Zheng was also allegedly paying the massage therapists a minimal fee and keeping the rest of the money for the services they performed.

Innocent, etc.



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Totally called this

Months ago. The one in Arlington, “Mayflower Spa”, was SO blatant: curtains across all windows and even the glass of the door at all times and a very conspicuous security camera mounted above the door, hilariously positioned next to some pro-police sticker (what a red herring!). It was so obviously shady that it was only a matter of time. Saw the shutdown notice from inspection services on the door recently and LOL’d hard. Good riddance.


Wrong Arlington rub and tug

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Zheng owned "Lisa Massage Therapy" at 828 Mass. Ave. near Whole Foods and next to a florist. Mayflower near Calvary Church, in a space previously occupied by The Center for Jewish Life could be next. Sadly, the human trafficking of illegal immigrants continues. The bright side is the victims now have a legitimate case for asylum.

Illegal in Mass to disclose anything about sex victims

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So, the public will never know officially, though some politicians have made comments at various times that victims are often "undocumented immigrants."

But think about it. Where does a madam or pimp find sex workers they can exploit? Illegal immigrants they can threaten, drug addicts who are unreliable, or struggling single mom's who also need time off if their kid is sick or the sitter bails.

That's not the Arlington one in the news.

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"Lisa's" is the one busted this week, and it looked just as suspicious as "Mayflower", which was shut down about two months ago.

There was another one on Broadway, which may or may not be still there (I haven't been in that part of town recently).

Let's legalize this

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The only evil part of this business is that the owner is taking all the money and the workers are getting very little and are most likely not willing participants. Prosecute to the fullest extent.

However, if this was legal, it would all be above board. Women who wanted to be paid to give messages, including erotic massages, could have the choice of taking that job or not. Men (and women) who want to receive those massages would be able to pay to legally do so. Isn't it time to just make this legal so that women can be protected and customers who want this service can get it legally?



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Two consenting adults should be allowed to have sexual contact even when money is involved. I don't understand why it'll illegal, no one is getting hurt.


Not Before We Know

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I must say

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I am finding your comments more amusing than normal on this post on just how far out there they are (especially on a serious subject).

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Learning about surrounding neighborhood enterprises and how the local scene gets set and staged by activities of local habituees gives a more complete picture... Urban anthropology

The coders are still working on the Zakbot

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It's currently set to crank out links on just one keyword from a post at a time, and the AI library needs more work, so the code in this case obviously connected to "Chinatown" (because it's the first word in the headline?), rather than doing any sort of analysis to see what the post was really about. Perhaps in Ver. 3?


I hope the victims (??

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I hope the victims (?? immigrants maybe ??) are getting help, shelter, food and income now and not being harrassed by ICE.


I never hear a resolution to these disgusting trafficking cases

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For example, there's been absolutely zero mention or public record of the below alleged sex trafficking case in Allston (the alleged sex traffickers lived on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury), ever since the couple was held on bail 22 months ago. Conley's office made a huge deal about it then, but there hasn't been a peep since. Maybe the accused were quietly allowed to emigrate back to Asia? Does anyone know?

It's depressing to read the juvenile comments that get posted

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in this forum after any of these sex-trafficking rings are exposed. You hilarious adolescent jokesters with your clichéd egg-roll and happy-ending jokes have absolutely no clue - maybe take ten minutes out of your busy day to try educating yourselves as to what these women are put through -

So many ignorant comments.

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So many ignorant comments.
These are not 'consenting adults.'
They are practically slaves or in indentured servitude. They are run by organized crime - makes no difference what ethnic group it is or whether there is a woman as the one running the place. Lots of times they are immigrants who are alone and scared of what could happen to their relatives if they go to authorities. There is an organization called My Life My Choice that works incredibly hard to save and heal these so called 'consenting adults' - check out the website to educate yourselves.

Nam Bac Hong Chinese Herbs

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Learning about surrounding neighborhood enterprises and how the local scene gets set by activities of local habituees gives a more complete picture... Urban anthropology