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Roslindale Village Package Thief - Washington x Metropolitan

Somebody who lives on Washington Street near Metropolitan Avenue in Roslindale posted this video of a woman with a smoking habit stealing a package waiting for him around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. She checks out the box, leaves, then returns (around 1:50 in the video). She probably won't get much for the bottle of coffee syrup inside, though.



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People really suck

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Working class people stealing from other working class people.

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thanks for the signal boost adam

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Thanks for posting this Adam. I'm the homeowner who posted the video. Was thinking of asking UHub for a signal boost but it seemed a little selfish

The video and pics are so good I'm hoping someone in our area recognizes her or the police already know her. She stole a crappy box containing nothing of value so I really just want a paper trail created of her actions so if she gets busted again there is a history that will add up -- I don't think what she stole is worth bothering the police too much but I'll file a report just in case one of the officers recognizes her

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Definitely file the report

People like this don't just steal a single box. Hopefully she'll be caught and having lots of previous documentation will make it easier for them to press higher charges.

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We have cams in our building

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We have cams in our building with a lot of this petty stuff. When you try to bring it to the attention of the police, they want you to come in and file a report that will likely be ignore. When you have a video of a brutal rape and murder, then they may show some interest.

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So you call it petty stuff,

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So you call it petty stuff, but you want the police to stop what they're doing, and .... do what? The police are not like Sherlock Holmes, sitting at Baker Street waiting for a client - they have no shortage of work to do.

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