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Citizen complaint of the day: The East Boston gas smell that won't go away

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the intersection of Saratoga and Bennington streets in East Boston:

Smell like Gas!!! Please send a competant gas crew to investigate this god damn gas leak that has been in this intersection for weeks.these useless contractors come here and barely check anything..the public is scared .is anyone listening



No, but that's because not enough people are talking. Least that's the conclusion I draw from the 20% voter turnout in my precinct two weeks ago.

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So I see City Council is having meetings to study what could be done in Boston and its neighborhoods to prevent a gas explosion tragedy. Why can't they do what what was immediately after the explosion happened in the Merrimack Valley when they detected the potential explosion spots from the sky? And before anyone whines that it's not their jurisdiction, then how about walk the short distance from City Hall over to the State House and start pounding on the door? The operational word in my post is IMMEDIATELY.

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20% is actually a really good number for a primary. Way bigger than expected.

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Just disgusting.

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There is no intersection of Saratoga and Bennington Streets. They are parallel streets.

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I'm obviously not from East Boston, but take a look at this map and let me know why it's wrong.

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They are parallel until they hit the rotary at Orient Heights and Saratoga takes a 90 turn and goes into Winthrop. So yes, there is an intersection of Saratoga and Bennington. My business is on the corner. I've never noticed the gas smell though...

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Near Montecristo? They just renovated inside, possibly someone knocked something loose?

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Video... Wednesday 19 September 2018 Weekly Public Meeting of Boston City Council https://www.youtube.com/user/BostonCityCouncil/videos

• A hundred or so City Council Staff at your service, in some sense. See also page 324 at https://budget.boston.gov/img/pdfs/13-Non-Mayoral-Departments-Cabinet.pdf

• Please note in video public funded Stenographic Services in action with 4 important tools a) Stenograph Machine, b) Laptop Computer, c) Yellow Legal Pad, d) smartphone type camera for images of public in Gallery Seating. A public funded Stenographic Record of City Council Public Meetings, a more accurate Document than lacking inaccurate video captions for hard of hearing folks can be a more complete open Document online for hard of hearing folks, for all folks in a spirit of transparency and civic engagement.

• Former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner observing Proceedings today. Where are former Boston City Councilors?

• images of the public in Gallery seating in Council Chamber during Public Meeting Wednesday 19 September 2018 can be made available from Council Stenographic Services' Camera. The motion picture of the images being recorded is in the Council video.

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Either doing their current jobs or enjoying their retirement would be my top 2 guesses?

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