Citizen complaint of the day: The mutant rats of Lower Allston

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about the situation on Litchfield Street in Allston:

This is the epicenter of the rat problem in this neighborhood. for a very very long time the family that lives here "feeds the birds" in the morning, with a bunch of bread crumbs or seeds or whatever on the front sidewalk. The birds never eat it all, and at night the rats go absolutely crazy for it. Very very very large Litchfield st rats are able to go over and feast. It's quite impressive breeding ground for genetically superior rats. They can have a conversation with you or fight a dog.


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That's not a mutant

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That's a typical still-hanging-on middle aged resident rat.

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...I'd call it fake news, but, well, Allston, so there's only one answer. It's stegarat.

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I don't believe they exist.

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