Citizen complaint of the day: People need to stop selling T-shirts in the forest

People selling T-shirts in the forest

An annoyed citizen filed a 311 report about the people from New Hampshire who've set up shop at the four-way stop in the middle of Stony Brook Reservation to sell T-shirts:

Someone direct them back to Hampton Beach.


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people need get a life and focus on themselves. Who is this really bothering?


Possible issues

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That's already a dangerous intersection, in part because this is eastern Massachusetts and nobody really quite gets four-way stops, and it's not like there's ready parking there.


But it's not at the intersection

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I wouldn't want to hazard a guess as to where the painter is, but there's no trail access from that intersection. Most likely it's down Enneking towards Cleary Square or up Dedham Parkway.

Also, the entire park is state land, and the roads are state roads, so this is not a 311 issue.

Also, to be clear, I don't know anything about this whole t-shirt selling business, nor do I condone it, and for that matter I bet the lady is from Massachusetts but just registers her car in NH.

Going by Google Street View

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I finally found it. She’s several car lengths from the intersection, and by this photo, she’s clearly not blocking traffic.

Not that I’d mind if the authorities had a chat with her, but she’s not right at the stop signs.

I go through there quite a bit.

It's a great intersection. Some folks don't get it, there's always that, but when real drivers are there, it flows nicely, one after the other, like zippering from two lanes to one.


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posting complaints to 311 is basically the same as calling the police on someone. If anything is done about it, it will be by armed agents of the state. People should really stop and consider if the threat of state violence is always the best way to deal with whatever might happen to bother you at the moment, but since most white americans use 911 as a customer service line how could we expect them to recognize the danger of snitching?

Is she breaking a law?

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If so, that's why we call the people who drive around with the cars with blue lights and sirens "law enforcement."

If not, whatever is what said people in said cars will say.

Who takes the time to file a

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Who takes the time to file a complaint about this? Who cares? Someone's trying to make a few bucks painting and selling t-shirts. Don't stop. Don't buy a shirt. Get a life.


Who takes the time to post a

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Who takes the time to post a comment about this? Who cares? Someone's trying to keep unlicensed businesses from crapping up their neighborhood. Don't read it. Don't comment. Get a life.


I am Raccoon. Is my neighborhood.

"Someone's trying to keep unlicensed businesses from crapping up their neighborhood."
I steals DMC's account while he is in bathroom.
T Shirt human's crapping up neighborhood where no peoples live. make him go away or feed me dead fish.

Vote for dead fish tax.



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New Hampshire is a whole lot more than just Hampton Beach ! It is also N. Conway.

It's also Manchester

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As in, whenever there's some story of residents acting odd on the nightly news, the odds are that it happened in Manchester.


When I think of New Hampshire

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When I think of New Hampshire...I think of die hard Boston sportsball fans.
When I think of die hard Boston sportsball fans...I think of New Hampshire.


By on mean that you think? Like, ever? I thought you were just a bundle of low-level neurons that fire spastically whenever sports are mentioned (and you evidently like the sensation so much that even when -- as here -- sports AREN'T mentioned, you self-trigger).