Citizen complaint of the day: Raucus roughneck Roslindale roosters

Roosters in Roslindale

A clucked off resident cries fowl about a pair of roosters on Holly Road in Roslindale:

Neighbor has two roosters in their unenclosed yard. Animal control told me roosters are illegal in Boston. They are loud and obnoxious and have started to enter other yards.



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Some guy from the Ole'

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Some guy from the Ole' Country will scoop 'em up and either make money fighting him or get full eating him.

Such Misandry!

Talk about persecution of males!

(one of my niece's hens turned out to be a male ... which greatly reduced his lifespan as she works nights).

I wondered how long it would

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I wondered how long it would be until these guys appeared here. They've made their presence known for about a week now.

Mayor Menino ...

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... had expressed some interest in legalizing hens (but not roosters) in some neighborhoods. It would be nice if that could be revisited.

All clucked up.

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The city is polluted with boom boom cars and motorcyles retrofitted with exhausts to annouonce there presence far away but the person complains about roosters?

They should sit on a beak and spin. Might give them a better appreciation of cocks.