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Citizen complaint of the day: West Roxbury eyesore has turned into a carsore

Lagrange Street eyesore

A concerned citizen notifies 311 about the decaying former asthma-inhaler plant on Lagrange Street in West Roxbury:

Aluminum siding falling onto cars. Driver had to remove siding that fell onto his truck. Public safety hazard for MBTA commuters, pedestrians and motor vehicle operators on LaGrange

Local landlord Michael Argiros bought the former Armstrong Pharmaceuticals plant in 2014, had to put up fencing after a five-alarm fire, then won zoning-board approval to replace it with 40 condos in 2016. If any work has started on the replacement building, it is not evident from the outside.

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Rumor spreadin' 'round
In that Boston town
About that shack on LaGrange
And you know what I'm talkin' about

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I wonder if you could get a brothel approved in WR provided it had enough parking and didn't provide housing for lower class folks.

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I was going to write some smart aleck comment about how they should build housing there, then I read that a proposal was actually approved. What the heck, man?

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