Civic association has some advice on dealing with coyotes that involves soda cans filled with pennies

The Brighton Allston Improvement Association report a coyote was spotted this evening at the EF property on Lake Street. It provides some tips on "hazing" coyotes that do not involve maneuvering their TNT-filled cabins onto railroad tracks, including:

Shake or throw a “coyote shaker” - a soda can filled with pennies or pebbles and sealed with duct tape.


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Shake or throw a “coyote

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Shake or throw a “coyote shaker” - a soda can filled with pennies or pebbles and sealed with duct tape.

This sounds too much like "poke the bear to show it who's boss."

Hazing is a weird subject.

Scaring a coyote is relatively easy and you should follow these instructions if you meet a coyote. However, it has zero effect on Coyote population. I think it is false assumption to think that coyote problems increase because they are habituated to people and urban setting. The problem comes when they population rises to the level that Coyotes are hungry. When they are competing for food they will expand their territory and strategies. That's when they start eating pets. They also have trouble finding good den sites and will den in places that are too close to people, and then the parents seem aggressive, but they actually feel cornered.

I honestly believe that we need predators like coyotes and white sharks to bring the natural environment back into a healthy balance. We have a lot of rats, squirrels, and eggs (turkey and goose) for them to eat. I believe that the current population is no where near a problem.


Isn't the spread of coyotes

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Isn't the spread of coyotes tied to the increasing deer population?

Foxes would be preferable to coyotes. Foxes hunt rabbits, rats, and squirrels but generally not adult cats.

Foxes are cat size

Our local foxes are cat size - typically 8-14lbs. We had one that was exactly the same size as my cat (he was 15lbs lean weight). They encountered one another in the back yard. They sat down and stared at each other at fairly close range for about 5 minutes. Then they both rose, turned in opposite directions, and calmly walked off.

No smart predator will pick a fight with a predator nearly their size. It won't go well.

not out west

When I moved to the denver suburbs in 77, there were coyotes, rabbits, prairie dogs and rattle snakes, but no deer. Since then the deer population has increased, but the coyote population seems the same.

Wolves mostly eat rodents, so it doesn't make sense that coyotes are following the deer. I don't know if foxes are bigger out west, but they do kill cats when they can. The foxes in Denver have spread throughout the city.

Sounds ok

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but I tend to paint faux, tunnel entrances on boulders to deter the canines.



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What's a little over-penetration in an urban area among friends?


Ha, Ha

so funny to joke about shooting indigenous wildlife, that come close to eat the garbage we refuse to clean.

I have to fish bones out of my dogs mouth every single walk. But lets be surprised that we have rats every where. Let' s poison and shoot all the animals to defend our right to be slobs.


Shoot the coyote

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Someone’s going to shoot them sooner or later. Isn’t it better to have the law do it? If they won’t get rid of these animals then we have to do it ourselves. Am I allowed to kill coyotes when they come into my yard after my dog? Because that’s coming next.

Actually, they don't come in your yard.

They trick your dog into coming out. I do agree at some higher point in population they need to be culled, but we are no where near close to that. You need to take care of your pet. I have lived out west with packs of coyotes that you can hear every night. You have to watch your dog in the yard and you can't let cats out. We invented Catio's even.

Sighting a coyote means little. I have never heard them out East. I think the howling starts when the family group is big enough to range out at night.

I would be more worried about why we have bones and scraps of food on the sidewalk. If we could fix that, they might not be around so much.

If the coyotes were unleashed dogs

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If they were dogs Adam would be having a massive meltdown.
Here’s what I’ve learned out west:
A coyote fence has to be eight feet high and 2 feet underground.
Coyotes have attacked dogs up to 100 lbs.
if they are breeding in your area and you don’t shoot them, they will become a pest and a problem.
As for the bones, the feel good hope for the best it’s natural attitude which you are bringing to the coyotes you’ve also brought to the people. You have bones and trash everywhere because you have trash people in your neighborhood.

unattended pets are not an entitledment

You are right about the trash people and you are right about the kind of fence needed to keep coyotes out.

But, my family and neighbors don't have that kind of fence. When I am in Colorado I can hear coyotes hunting every night. And they aren't shooting them either. Coyotes can kill most pet dogs, but not sheep dogs. People are used to caring for their pets in this way. Mountain Lions kill pets too and you can't shoot them.

I think that we need these animals more than they bother us.