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Close call in the Callahan: Sign plunges to road, narrowly misses car

Todd Buffum reports he was in the Callahan Tunnel shortly after 10 a.m. when a construction sign fell from the ceiling, "just 15 feet in front of our car."

He adds:

It was shaped like square but hanging from top point. Didn't see color or words, happened so fast. Caught my eye as it was falling.


Landed to left of car. Was flat on ground by time we passed it. So yeah we are fine. Other lane and 15 feet and would have come through our roof

MassDOT reports it's looking into the incident.

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"Danger! Falling signs ahead."

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But the sign still falls down. So what the (expletive) are we paying for?

Why does such an otherwise smart community abide outright fraud? This, statie OT, all the other tunnel problems...what gives?

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Governor will explain this one at the next debate!!

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Things happen sometimes.

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The toll did not increase, it just went from $3 charged one way back to $1.50 charged both ways.

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