Colorful Cleary Square

Cleary Square in the rain

Hyde Park's Cleary Square was particularly colorful in the rain tonight, thanks to Drs. Bankhead and Groipen, two dentists who love their bright colors.



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Thought the same thing

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"Got Your Money" has been running through my head since I saw this photo.

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There's a chain of them

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At least two: That one in Hyde Park and one in Brigham Circle. Went in the HP one once for a bottle of red wine. Wrong store for that.

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There's now a mural on the

There's now a mural on the Quincy St side commemorating the victims of the long-time regional feud between the two factions.

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I think this

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every time I go to the dentist.

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It's actually way better than

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It's actually way better than the Method Man Acting School around the corner. And the RZA and GZA Dtctve Agncy is just the wrst. Filling out the block is the Ghostface Killa Paranormal Investigations and he's just on the swarm.

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