Condos approved for Washington Street in West Roxbury

The Board of Appeals yesterday approved plans to replace two houses on Washington Street at Stimson Street with a nine-unit condo building with - get this - more parking than required by neighborhood zoning.

Under the proposal by Edmund Carr, the building would have three stories - the first holding 19 parking spaces, compared to the roughly 12 that would be required by zoning - the second with nine two-bedroom units, between 1,050 and 1,300 square feet in size.

In response to board questioning, Carr's architect said the building would look more like an apartment building than the townhouse-style units next to it.

The proposal needed zoning-board approval because, among other reasons, the area's zoning normally forbids multi-family units and the building is denser than the maximum normally allowed. Carr also needed permission to join the two current house lots into a single lot for the new building.

Nobody spoke against the proposal.

The project now goes before the city Parks and Recreation Department for review, because the land borders Draper Field.



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more parking than required by neighborhood zoning

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