Constitution taken out for a spin

USS Constitution in Boston Harbor

Matt Frank was among the many people who watched Old Ironsides on its stately cruise from the Charlestown Navy Yard to Castle Island and back again today.



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Shes beautiful

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God bless America!

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I was so utterly dissapointed

I was so utterly dissapointed in the lack of sails! I have a tall ship photo looking from Boston into the harbor and I wanted this photo but with some sails up as a companion piece... I had lots of great shots planned out based of off different numbers of sails open. Without the bulk it was hard to get shots that really stood out.

I also avoided, in all my Tweets, any usage of the word sail LOL.

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Yes, but ...

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As a certain member of the household told me in no uncertain terms, I blew it by referring to the Constitution as "it" rather than "she."

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I think we

discussed this a few years ago. I'm in the "it" camp, but most favored "she."

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