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29 rounded up in drug, gun sweep, including a convicted cop killer and a BPDA project manager


UPDATE: Hearing tonight on proposed residential building in Allston cancelled because the BPDA project manager was among those arrested.

WHDH reports on a federal and local sweep of 29 people in Boston and the Brockton area on a variety of drug and gun charges following a two-year investigation.

Among those charged: Terrell Walker, 63, of Brighton (in photo), charged with unlawful sale of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition for allegedly selling a .40 caliber Ruger P89DC handgun and 42 rounds of ammunition to an informant in November, 2016.

He was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail at his arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Walker was convicted for the 1973 killing of Boston police officer John Schroeder - for whom BPD's headquarters is named (along with his brother Walter, who was also murdered in the line of duty in 1970). Walker, then 18, his brother and a 17-year-old killed Schroeder when he interrupted their robbery of a Roxbury pawnshop. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, a federal court reversed his first-degree murder conviction, after which he pleaded guilty and served 12 years of a 20-year sentence. In 1995, he was convicted of armed robbery in Middlesex County.

Also charged: Gary Jamal Webster, 35, for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine and fentanyl. Webster had worked until last fall as director of constituent services for at-large City Councilor Michelle Wu; he was, at least until his arrest, a project manager for the BPDA.

Innocent, etc.

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This headline reads like it is one person who committed the crime and also is an aide.

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Hopefully it makes it sound like two different people now.

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"Intent to distribute." I've never seen a more vague law. Did the guy set up a (expletive) booth like Lucy from Peanuts and hang a "five cents" sign? Prove to me that he wasn't going to put the whole pile up his own nose.

Go tell everybody in this city who pays obscenely high rent that this project is going to get stalled (which would ostensibly bring down costs through competition) because the guy who runs it had some of that stuff that my friends sometime use before showing up to work the next day without causing any trouble.

End the War on Drugs.

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because the guy who runs it had some of that stuff that my friends sometime use before showing up to work the next day without causing any trouble.

I guess your liberalismlibertarianism allows you to think it is OK, but too many people end up dead using this stuff. They aren't going to work the next day.

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Are we talking the classical kind, or the modern American kind?

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The war on drugs is doing approximately nothing to prevent deaths by overdose.

It IS filling our prisons with non-violent offenders, though. So if you're running a for-profit prison, great for you.

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Some of the more prolific fentanyl peddlers have body counts that would make Gacy green with envy.

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I question the "non-violent" aspect view of drug dealers. They are usually involved in other types of crime too. Just like the "coyotes" that get handsomely paid to be the trail guides for "illegals" coming to America. The "coyotes" rape their clients, rob them of their money, kill them and sell some of them into sex slavery. (see my other comment)

The drug pushers are switching to illegal drugs like Mexican Heroin and fentanyl which can be made easily out of chemicals in a lab.

The Politicians HAVE "virtue signaled" that they're against the abuse of prescription pain meds. They have demonized the painkiller class of meds. They act like a person takes one pill and turns into a craving maniac. Something akin to a Werewolf bite and the continuous need to do anything to get more.

They only ever found a few doctors and/or prescription mills that were pushing the pills. I have never gotten dozens or hundreds of pills from a doctor. I think the last time I got painkillers, a dentist pulled a tooth and gave me (6) pills !

My uncle was denied painkillers for his severe rheumatoid arthritis. He had to take high doses of NSAIDS which did damage to his stomach. He was rushed to the Emergency Room one night and bled to death from these meds.

They HAVE.sold out the older sick people with arthritis and other illnesses that "legally" used and needed these drugs ! Doctors are afraid to prescribe ANY painkillers and losing their licenses. Even thought the DEA says they don't question doctors and their patients treatments, they speak out of one side of their mouths. They do target doctors.

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You seem to be implying that he should not have been arrested because he might have just been using the drugs himself, but do you have access to the actual facts in this case yet? You think we should just let this go because he was PM on an important project? If he IS taking the drugs himself, how effective do you think he is as a project manager, really? I am sure they will find someone else to continue the project, but maybe give them a little time since this just happened! Perhaps they have actual evidence that he was selling, perhaps they don't.

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Two people have an identical quantity of that stuff. One of them has that quantity in a baggie along with an identical but empty baggie and a syringe or a pipe or a cut-off straw or whatever. The other has that same quantity spread out across five baggies and some rubber-banded packets of cash. And his cell phone keeps ringing.

I'm not arguing with your opinion of the war on drugs, but intent is part of most crimes and juries seem to figure it out pretty well.

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It doesnt and the myth that build build build brings down prices, is deeply rooted in lie that is neoliberalism.

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If the luxury buyers are diverted to newer "luxury" buildings rather than outbidding people for what was middle income housing and rehabbing it, that doesn't bring down the mean price of housing BUT it can stabilize the lower and middle segments of the market.

Some luxury housing has to be built to keep the flippers and gentrifyers out of established areas, but middle income housing has to be built in order to push prices down.

So the dynamics of this are not so simple as your statement would make it out to be.

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Walker never should have been released from jail the first time. A cop was killed.

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You might still disagree with it, but the federal appeals court, at least, ruled he did not get a fair trial (the SJC ruled he did).

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John Schroeder, Walter Schroeder and Barney Schroeder were all on the Boston Police Department as officers and were my mother's first cousins.

And as the other commenter mentioned, Walter was murdered during the robbery of the State St. Bank. He had a wife and 9 children.

In 1973, Terrell Walker, then 18, his brother and a 17-year-old killed Boston Police Detective John (Jack) Schroeder when he interrupted their robbery of a Roxbury pawnshop. Detective Schroeder had a wife and 4 children. Walker was found GUILTY of first-degree murder.

We don't know what kind of record Walker had previously to that because it would have been sealed, he being a 'juvenile'.

Thanks to the taxpayers (paying for an expensive high powered law firm), he appealed his first-degree murder conviction. It was overturned and changed to manslaughter which he pleaded guilty. Walker was sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison in 1980. He only served 12 years of a 20-year sentence.

Following his release, Walker was arrested again in 1994 on armed robbery charges. In 1995, he was convicted of that armed robbery in Middlesex County. He was sentenced to jail in 1996.

In February 2009, Terrell Walker, 53, was arrested on drug charges stemming from an eight-month investigation of a Rhode Island-based organized crime operation. More charges might be filed against the man authorities said.

"Terrell is revered in the criminal world and feared," said Lieutenant Colonel Steven G. O'Donnell of the State Police, which conducted the investigation with other Rhode Island authorities. "Everybody in that crime organization knew what he did. His purpose was to intimidate people to pay their debts, and he made sure the hierarchal structure was compensated."

O'Donnell said, "this latest arrest tells you that he's not rehabilitated. Crime is what he knows and his only friends are criminals. He didn't see the error of his ways the first time."

Today in August 2018, he's again involved in a drug ring and unlawful possession of a firearm at age 63.

And the State Legislature “pandered” to the Black community to do “Criminal Justice Reform” to weaken the law and make sentences shorter ?

I think they have jeopardized ALL OF US; the public’s safety in the name of “political correctness”.

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The 'Weathermen', a group which Bill Ayers was a member and about which he remains unrepentant to this day, murdered four people. They (Weathermen Cathy Wilkerson and Susan Saxe) were part of the gang that shot Boston policeman Walter Schroeder in the back during a bank robbery in Brighton (a section of Boston) Massachusetts in 1970. He died after attempts to save him that included giving him 77 pints of blood (source -Harvard Crimson).

Barack Obama launched his first campaign in the living room of Bill Ayers, a leader of the Weathermen group tied to Boston Police Officer Walter Schroeder's murder. No apology from Ayers, Obama or any Democrat. Obama's pal was also involved in bombing, using nails and metals for maximum injury, at a dance for U.S. military. Sick.

With two brothers assassinated, Boston Police Officer Walter Schroeder and Boston Police Officer John Schroeder were considered the JFK and Bobby Kennedy of police work. They will never be forgotten here.

For one of the Schroeder killers to be released to the joys of bank robbery and gun running is no surprise in the revolving door of our MA justice system. I do agree on one earlier comment, end the war on drugs, we lost. Sell tested and regulated drugs in state stores like NH sells liquor. MA state courts broom just about every case. I feel bad for the men and women in our police narcotics units. Sad.

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The Mass. judicial system would have put him away for life. It was a federal appeals court that overturned his first-degree-murder sentence.

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The facts of the Obama - Ayers relationship is significantly difference than the Fish troll's description.

Notice first the completely dishonest way that Fish links the tragic events of of police officer's murder and the WeatherUnderground to Obama. Not a singe fact or kernel of truth to this - it is a flat out lie. Bill) Ayers was one of the founders of the Weather Underground, a radical leftist organization formed in 1969 by a group of University of Chicago students who split with the campus-run Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organization because they disagreed with the SDS’s peaceful protest tactics against the Vietnam War.

From 1970 until 1974, the Weather Underground carried out violent actions against governmental institutions. Barack Obama, 9 yrs old, lived in Honolulu HA until 1979. He had absolutely no connection to Bill Ayers or the WeatherUnderground.

Ayers became acquainted with Barack Obama in 1995. While working as an educational advisors to Richard Daily (hardly considered a radical) Ayers hosted a meet-the-candidate gathering at his home as Barack Obama prepared to run for his initial election to the Illinois state senate. Ayers has emphatically stated later that he didn’t even know Obama at the time…he said the two worked with the same charity and social service organizations in Chicago (particularly the Chicago Annenberg Challenge), and Ayers contributed $200 to Obama’s re-election campaign for the Illinois state senate in 2001.

That's it. Obama, by the way, has repeatedly said (when questioned about his relationship to Ayers): "the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense."

Fish is a fucking liar. He is quick to condemn other people but has never disclosed a single detail about his law enforcement career - wonder why that is.

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Flynn, Manafort, Papadopolous, Gates, van der Zwann, Cohen, Pecker, Weisselberg, Collins, Hunter....

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Only here can you kill a cop in 1 decade, another decade be arrested for armed robbery, and another decade be a drug dealer.
Keep up the good work voters.

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Massachusetts did convict him and put him away. It was the Federal Government that freed him.

But don't let your obsession with what you believe get in the way of factual reality now.

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Did you read Adam's comment, above? MA put the guy away for a long stretch. This mysterious force from West of Worcester and South of the Cape known as the Federal Court of Appeals reached in with mysterious and miraculous hands and freed him from his not-only-in MA life sentence.

BTW that mysterious Federal Court force of whatever is present everywhere in the US - not just in MA.

Facts don't do what you want them to.

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I agree with the outrage here. Yes, we understand that it was a federal appeals court that freed this waste of space after killing a Police Officer (disgrace) but he then went on to commit ARMED ROBBERY with an ILLEGAL firearm in 1995 - but he is still out. Now he is picked up again for gun and drug charges. The courts in this state are a joke and do not have the best interest of public safety in mind. Not to mention that the rest of the scumbags in this sweep were labeled as "impact players" - AKA, it's not their first time in this rodeo.

When should we expect Mr. Walker back on the streets of East Falmouth - 3 years? tops?

Mother of gawd.

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I'm more than tired of hearing people who never leave the area (save for Florida or maybe Vegas) bash the area when they haven't even bothered to look up the facts.

See also "taxachusetts"

New Hampshire is probably too tired of them to take any more of them.

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