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Coral reef saves fleeing cab thief from hypothermia in Fort Point Channel

Josh Brogadir at WCVB reports a man who apparently stole a cab at South Station early this morning crashed it on the Summer Street Bridge, then jumped into Fort Point Channel, where he realized how cold the water was and climbed up on a coral-reef art float, from which cops eventually grabbed him.



Haven't some of the other floating installations played a role in rescues in the channel, like the woman with the fratdouche umbrella who got blown into the water?

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He steals a cab, drives all of one block, CRASHES, and then decides to go for a midnight swim? Not the work of a sober/sane individual.

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Coral reef, fleeing cab thief, hypothermia, Fort Point Channel.
These are unlikely words to be woven in the same short sentence to describe a local incident. That's the kind of stuff that keeps bringing me back to Uhub!

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