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DA: Retiring Boston firefighter called state trooper a Nazi during his arrest for OUI crash

Sean Ingram, 64, had bail set at $500 today at his arraignment on charges of OUI, second offense, leaving the scene of a property-damage collision, assault with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle) and resisting arrest for an incident yesterday on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office:

State Police arrested Ingram last night after he was allegedly involved in a collision, drove away, was pulled over, reversed his vehicle into a marked cruiser, and called a trooper at the scene a “Nazi” while failing field sobriety tests.

NBC Boston reports Ingram, a Quincy resident, was due to retired from the Boston Fire Department today.

Innocent, etc.



The firefighter was sober.

(inspiration for this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/my-dear-you-are-ugly-but...)

Good that they nailed this guy - and charged him with using a car like a weapon, too!

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be some innate antipathy between firefighters and cops here, very different from the attitudes of the small-town constables and staties I count among my friends. Is that entirely fictional? I know the screenwriter is a Dot native.

Still seems like a wholly dumbfuck move to pull the day before you quit.

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You tell me...



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...Matt Damon in The Departed when he asked a "co-worker" if he liked "coming to work dressed like he was about to invade Poland." The FF was clearly a dumbass, but not necessarily off base. The Trooper actually put that comment in his report? Weak.

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You’re upset that the police put something that happened in their report? lol. Weak.

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Local police and firefighters "max out" their pensions at age 55 and after 32 years service. Most people can't wait to retire. Those who stay until the last legal minute usually do so because the job has become their whole life. No excuse for drunk driving but for some of these guys, losing the job is like losing family, especially for firefighters who live together several days a week for decades. Then one day it's all over. The irony is the MA State Police have no mandatory retirement age and there are several troopers serving in their late 60s and perhaps 70s by now. No idea if the firefighter was agitated by this but those who don't want to retire usually have it well researched.

There's no widespread hostility between police and fire but with the trooper scandals in the news, nobody is going to put their job or rank on the line to give this guy a break, especially if he was being difficult and there were radio transmissions saying this guy is "90/24" (chapter and section for OUI.) I'm not sure if the Sergeant was sent because the suspect was a firefighter on his last day of work or because the cruiser was struck but once a supervisor was involved, the firefighter was all done.

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He was probably drunk because of his retirement party. Doesn't excuse driving while drunk, but it does explain the drunkenness.

Theoretically he is not longer employed by the City of Boston, as of yesterday. None of this happened while he was on duty. He should have to face the criminal charges, but I hope this doesn't screw up his pension.

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The incident won't affect his pension. About the only thing that can affect that is if it involves the City, which this doesn't.
There isn't much 'innate' antipathy between the police and the fire around here. My post above is FDNY and NYPD from years ago.
When shit does get real, the level of cooperation is here. EMS, police, fire, think back to the Marathon bombing. Folks charged in there, having been trained on the possibility of secondary devices, knowing that there could be because there was one.
Backing up into a cruiser made it impossible. No sane cop will perjure himself on an RMV damage report.

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I am saddened that this firefighter was arrested for the charges that are pending. It hurts me to know that this firefighter and many more like him are in obvious mental health pain. I am hoping in the future that all First Responders we'll come to some acceptance that the work they do changes them mentally.

I truly believe that all law enforcement offices should be mentally reassessed after 5 years to determine whether or not they are mentally still, competent. I believe that this type of initiative should be for all First Responders except for the time. Can vary according to the job.

At the end of the day we are all very blessed and lucky that this firefighter didn't kill or hurt anyone this time. However I hope that he finds the help he needs to really enjoy his retirement thank you for firefighter for the job you did for the city of Boston.

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All I said was “I did not see you there.” Honestly, your honor.

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