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Developer finally readies plans for residential complex next to Father Hart Bridge in Hyde Park

A downtown development company last week filed a "letter of intent" with the BPDA for a 305-unit housing development on a vacant parcel between Hyde Park Avenue and the Northeast Corridor train tracks at the Father Hart/Milton Street bridge at the northern edge of the Readville train station in Hyde Park.

Ad Meliora, which says it expects to file detailed plans next month, first first began talking to residents about its plans for the 2.5-acre piece of land in 2015. The news comes as the BPDA continues its consideration of what is now a 492-unit apartment and condo proposal on the other side of Readville station, off Sprague Street.

Ad Meliora says its proposal will feature "a mix of rental and home-ownership opportunities," as well as a small park.

The proposal puts added pressure on the city and state to finally do something about the deteriorating traffic conditions at the bridge and nearby in Wolcott Square. MassDOT hopes to install new decks on the bridge next month, but nothing has been heard about plans to install traffic signals at the bridge and make improvements in Wolcott Square since April, 2017, when Mayor Walsh announced a $1.4-million plan.



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Yay, housing. North of the bridge, yes! South of the bridge, no way.

Any project has to come with major overhauls to traffic flow and pedestrian safety at the Father Hart Bridge, the entrances to Readville Station, and Wolcott Square.

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Already other developments going up on Hyde Park Ave.....
It will happen if they put in a flyover...way too much congestion now...project 10 yrs from finish and no one will want to live there.
Fabulous accessibility from Truman Hgwy over towards Blue Hills but similar to Gillette Stadium release after an event...a cluster you will experience only once because of aberration of valuable road use from the State Police jurisdiction.

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You know, every time they propose a development from Forest Hills outwards everyone always says "But the congestion!". Maybe a little congestion is okay? I mean where does everyone need to go in such a hurry.

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Honest question; is there a "critical mass" volume of traffic? A point at which traffic is so bad that people stop using it as a viable cut-through, and re-route to other roads (expressways) more suitable to handle high volume?

I could be way off-base, but I have to imagine we're close to that point now, particularly during morning and evening rush hours. The majority of the volume seems to be folks using Walcott Square and Milton Street bridge to travel in between I-93/Milton and Dedham/Westwood. People who don't need to be there will start to avoid it at an attrition rate that will match the influx of traffic brought by new residents, and the net impact will be close to zero.

My point is, this and the Sprague Street project might not have as much a negative impact on traffic as most are fearing. How much worse can the traffic actually get?

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There is a bus depot located on one side of the bridge and an Amazon distribution center on the other.

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