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Developers delay construction of Chinatown residential tower

Archtect's rendering of proposed Lagrange tower

Architect's rendering.

In a recent filing with the BPDA, developers Steven Goodman, John Matteson and Fan Du say they plan to break ground in the first three months of 2019 on their proposed 21-story residential tower on Lagrange Street and Tamworth Street - a narrow street that connects Lagrange with Boylston Street.

The company had originally planned to start construction by the end of this year on the 176-unit building. The developers estimate construction would then take 26 months.

The building would sit on what is now a Lagrange Street parking lot, next to the site where St. Francis House hopes to build a 19-story mixed-income tower, on a street now known mostly as the home of Boston's two remaining strip clubs.

In addition to the notification about the change in start date, the developers formally asked the BPDA to describe the building as having up to 176 residential units - as described in its initial filings with the BPDA and the zoning board, rather than the 130 units listed in the BPDA's formal approval of the proposal. The building's overall size and 240-foot height were based on 176 units, not 130.

47 Lagrange St. notice of project change (14.6M PDF).

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Is Chinatown disappearing? Sure seems that way. Slowly and painfully.....

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The current site is a small surface parking lot in a glorified seedy alley, next to a construction pit, across from the Avalon's parking garage and two strip clubs.

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Really isn't Chinatown north of Stuart/Kneeland. There are a few Asian businesses on that side of Washington but historically (OK, the past half-century or so) that was the Combat Zone.

Chinatown is just moving anyway... to Dorchester & Quincy.

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And Malden. Super 88 rocks!

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developers Steven Goodman, John Matteson and Fan Du,

Those restaurants are horrible anyway. Melted chese and chocolate. BIG DEAL. They spelled it wrong too.

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