Dive company looks to broaden portfolio with Garden-area dive

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the group that snapped up Mary Ann's, the Beacon Hill Pub and the Tam is looking set to take over Sullivan's Tap on Canal Street.



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Do the owners of this group

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Do the owners of this group get off on closing dive bars or something? They closed Beacon Hill Pub and want to turn Mary Anne's into a pot shop. Why don't they buy something useless like a bank or a parking lot to turn it into a pot shop instead.


If only there were

multiple other means of getting to the Garden besides cruising in from the suburbs in your personal car. Ultimately there won't be any parking lots in the area, because the land is too valuable - and the owners will get a lot more money going up than in continuing to service people who demand a private little space for their vehicles every place they go in the world.


Hate to break it to you

but the North Station garage just added 500 spots.

I personally take transit to games, but it's not exactly feasible from, I don't know, NH or Maine. Or the vast majority of New England. Hell, even the state, or some areas in the city. I'm lucky if I can make it from Eastie to the South End in 45 mins.

Hate to break it to you, Champ

but a lot is not a garage. Remember how the person above you mentioned lots, which is what you replied to? A garage is different because it has more than just surface parking.

As for garages near the Garden, the "Garden Garage" was just torn down to make way for another residential building, and the Government Center Garage is also being destroyed to make way for skyscrapers. Yes, there will always be parking, but probably much less of it near the Garden for out-of-towners.

They do seem to enjoy

stroking it to the concept of shutting down neighborhood bars. I imagine the prices were right, and the land parcels stand to appreciate considerably.

The Tam is adding credit/debit machines and cameras soon, which means shittier pours and regulars getting the shaft. I swear, if I hit Powerball I'd open a few dive bars around the city, and operate at a loss if necessary for as long as it took to get them established.


All humans love their

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All humans love their friendly neighborhood dive bar. You would be very wealthy if you did that, given the increased shortage of them!

You can't have a pot shop

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You can't have a pot shop there. There's already a methadone clinic down the street and the whole area is another Methadone Mile and a village of addiction wrath.

backpack storage

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where will everyone going to the Garden keep their stuff now? Hope they keep the hoop fever