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Dorchester man charged with double murder at JP's Hailey Apartments

Boston Police report arresting Wilvin Guity, 28, of Dorchester, on charges he murdered both Chris Joyce and Clayborn Blair in the rear of 277 Centre St. on May 4.

In a statement, Police Commissioner William Evans said that while he's pleased his homicide detectives were able to identify and arrest Guity, he's angered that two innocent men died:

Community members all across our city should be able to gather and socialize in public places in the company of neighbors and friends without the fear created and caused by those who carry illegal guns in our city. Chris and Clayborn did absolutely nothing wrong and most certainly deserved better fates. And, while there are no words to lessen the pain or sense of loss being felt by the family and friends of Chris and Clayborn, it is my humble hope that word of today’s arrest will provide for them some small measure of comfort and closure.

Guity was no stranger to the Hailey Apartments. In 2014, he was arrested on a warrant at 267 Centre St.

Innocent, man.



Ever seen the BPD's homocide conviction rate its horrendous, let's just say you won't be seeing boston on the " First 48 " if so it would be called the "First 48/Years"

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Their conviction is actually very good, one of the best in the country. You’re thinking of their clearance rate. And that’s low only because they only charge people they pretty much are guaranteed to get a conviction on.

Other cities have higher clearance rate but lower convictions because their cases are weaker.

So.. try another angle.

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it certainly isn't the fault of the police that this violence occurs.

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One of the Worst in the country, for homocide conviction's. Learn your fact before you side with the weak conviction rate in boston. Do your research before commenting.

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Maybe you haven't heard about the nearly 1000 unsolved homocides dating back many years in the inner city Mattapan, Dorchester & Roxbury. Know it all.

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Nearly 1000 unsolved, I guess that's because there one of the best in the country. Your lucky your world is as small as a badge with a head big as a ballon.

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There are a lot of unsolved murders that had witnesses. Witnesses that didn't help law enforcement. You gotta wonder why people don't care that someone was gunned down. Thankfully, in this case they were able to track someone down.

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