Driver tries to push through snow, now the trolley just won't go

Stuck trolley in Newton

Meg Hoffman reports:

Huge pile of snow just melted and fell off the roof and onto the tracks at Newton Centre outbound. T tried to push through it but got stuck.



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Weber Grill

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They are firing up the barby.

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3 hours on and off the Riverside line

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Without going into great detail, I spent 3 hours on and off the Riverside line, and another hour to get home. I had no problem with it when the temps were well under 30 degrees for the long stretch.

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Tthe car is derailed and is

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Tthe car is derailed and is being rerailed with hydraulic jacks in the photo.

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A big pile of snow can definitely "derail" my car, but a trolley? Wow.

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How about ice dams from the

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How about ice dams from the roof of Newton Center station? Get a good chunk of ice in there would derail a large freight train. But ya...Ⓣ’s fault. Don’t blame the Ⓣ, blame Bill Weld’s “budget guru” for slashing the Ⓣ’s budget AND THEN attached big dog debt too boot! Crippled the Ⓣ! Who was that you ask? Oh Charlie Baker of course. Every phony liberal and phony progressive’s favorite phony moderate republican doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers.

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Just checking if you know your geography and municipal boundaries correctly.

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