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Off-duty New Jersey cop charged with helping to beat up man at Fenway Domino's

A Suffolk County grand jury yesterday indicted a cop from a Philadelphia suburb and a pal on a charge of aggravated assault and battery for a January fight that sent a BC student to the hospital with injuries that required him to have his jaw wired shut for three weeks - and to have permanent metal plates installed in his jaw and cheek - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Daniel Hunt, 27, a police officer in Haddon Heights, NJ, and Ian Salerno, 29, of Philadelphia, were part of a group that had been drinking at a Boylston Street bar early on Jan. 19 when they moved over to the Domino's, 1260 Boylston St., at closing time - and got into an argument over something with a separate group that included the BC student. According to the DA's office:

Hunt, an off-duty officer of the Haddon Heights, N.J., Police Department, confronted and then allegedly pushed the victim, starting a physical altercation. As members of both groups attempted to break up the fight, Salerno allegedly came behind the victim and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

Boston Police obtained security camera footage and a receipt from the nearby bar where Hunt, Salerno, and others had been drinking prior to the altercation, photos from social media, witness statements, and other evidence to identify Hunt and Salerno.

Hunt, who has served as a police officer since 2015, and Salerno face arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court on Aug. 1, the DA's office reports.

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Needs to shitcan its entire force and start over.

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The cop in question doesn't work for Philadelphia - and the other guy is not a cop at all.

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$20 says he tells people he's from Philly, though.

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I have a buddy who is a lawyer in that area of NJ so I sent him the link. He not only knows the cop but has crossed paths in the court system with him. Needless to say he was glad to get this information to keep in his back pocket as it may come in handy some day.

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