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This is essential: Dead train at Central

People forced off train at Central Square

12 Overripened Plums was among the people ordered off an inbound Red Line train at Central Square when smoke began coming off it.

The T reports 10-minute delays, although Boston Hurricane reports it took 29 minutes to get from Harvard to Central.

Mary Hurley reports:

Conductor on a crowded and delayed Red Line train: “We are at crush-load.” Crush-load?! That’s a new one.

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It's these types of reports that seemingly get overlooked in every one of the anti-car, transit is the future comments such as the ones over this past weekend. Are you willing to lose your job by riding the train?

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I'm old enough to remember when cars, at least American ones, were pieces of crap. Not so much anymore. The same can happen with public transit.

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If you want to mount a credible campaign against Charlie concentrate on the 'T' word and I don't mean Trump.

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And our population in metro Boston never declines, it's slways growing. Same with the entire U.S. and world.

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I would be deep in the black if I didn't repair my house, car, or property throughout the years. Baker is trying the same scheme but at a state-wide level

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If you think that's a good idea, look up what New York City trains were like in the late 1970s, after years of "balancing" budgets by "deferring" maintenance. Those are the trains I grew up with, before they found the money to do things like pay mechanics again. I really don't miss that. Let's try to be smart and learn from another city's mistakes.

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OH NO - wasting essential (which rhymes so well with Prudential) by pairing it with Central!

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