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Eversource workers strike water on Boylston Street

Soggy Boylston Street

Extra soggy Boylston Street. Photo by New England Fire Photography.

Boylston Street between Tremont and Washington streets is shut until BWSC workers can repair a water-main break caused when some Eversource workers inadvertently punctured the main. The water is flowing towards Washington Street.



Does Eversource pay fines & repair costs when this happens? Does anyone actually know city policy when company a digging damages customer b equipment? In this case I'd imagine the water costs could be significant, too!

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Nope, they backfill the hole and scram.

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Another manhole-themed story.

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They must not have heard that commercial which runs frequently on Patriots radio broadcasts.

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Look carefully on the Dig Safe ads running incessantly on TV lately, especially the one where the happy couple is digging fence post holes.

You know what is missing in the ad, and services almost EVERY home -- water lines and sewer lines ! The ads show only telecom, electricity and gas lines ! All the oil heat ads will tell you that underground gas is not everywhere for detached single family homes, and even fewer homes have underground electricity and telecom/cable connections.

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Dig Safe is for utility companies. Sewer and water lines are the responsibility of the municipality in which the dig box is marked.

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8 light cycles to go from Boloco to in front of the Masons at Boylston and Tremont while taking someone back from the doctor.

No indication that you could not drive down Boylston east of Tremont and cops not clearing double parked trucks from Tremont.

I love the BPD, but could you enforce a traffic law or two to keep things moving? Thanks.

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Right in front of the damn Mason lodge no less.

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Water - right here under our city!

This is great news. We can tap this natural resource and stop paying so much money to Boston Water & Sewer!

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I wonder if they hit the main or the feed to the building. Looks like it aligns with the sprinkler feed.

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The water line break around the corner on Washington last year showed how making the area a temporary pedestrian and cyclist friendly zone was great for the neighborhood.

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You forgot kayaks bro, way to discriminate!

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