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Fake monks return to the North End

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports.


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But seriously, it is not surprising they show up here and most major U.S. cities starting the summer season, since that is the peak period for (unsuspecting and gullible) tourists.

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Some poor Asian people take it upon themselves to indulge in the same type of scam the old white guys in the funny hats do and there's a problem with the residents of the North End? The people that make bank promoting the greatest Italian food cooked by Latinos in New England?

How many of these guys are on YouTube begging idiots to finance their private jets? In His name.

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One of the best Uhub comments ever.

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Starbucks cup to use for panhandling?

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Must you be licensed with some sort of legal authority to be a genuine monk?
If you give money to that religious organization for whom that other well known Boston monk shills, is that any better?

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Odd straw man. If someone's lying to you about their profession/vocation/circumstances, then the information can be legitimately called "fake" regardless of whether or not there's some legal definition of the topic.

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