Families lost everything in East Boston fire

A four-alarm fire at 238 Havre St. left 21 people homeless and many wondering how they can rebuild their lives.

Friends have set up an online fundraiser for Carlos Rojas Alvarez, his mother, brother and uncle, burned out of the apartment they'd lived in for 15 years. Workers at Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon have set up another online fundraiser for two chefs there and their families, who lost "every belonging, piece of furniture and article of clothing they had."




Donated. Thanks for sharing

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Donated. Thanks for sharing this.

What sucks in times like this is not only did they lose most everything, but moving in this climate is really, really tough. I can't imagine they'll be able to find something in East Boston even close to the ballpark of what they've been paying as a long-term resident. That (say) $1500 apartment could mean they're now paying $2500 or more, so the fire is burdening them with an extra $1000 a month in perpetuity just so the kid can stay in the same schools.

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I wonder

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if AirBnB would be willing to donate something to them, since they're one of the big reasons ordinary working people are being priced out of Eastie.

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The owner, Mr. Fard, who

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The owner, Mr. Fard, who lives on Evelyn Road in Waban, certainly seems to be living in gorgeous tudor assessed at over $1M. He should help his tenants!!!!

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East Boston Community

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East Boston Community Development Corporation has several brand new buildings around Eastie , not sure if they are occupied but this organization is a great source for those who are in need of housing in East Boston.

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