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Fancy-schmancy restaurant planned for Revere Beach

New residential building

Architect's rendering.

Two restaurateurs known for their upscale establishments in Charlestown, East Boston and Faneuil Hall Marketplace are planning a 5,000-square outlet with "a creative menu and cocktail program and a lively oceanfront dining experience" at a luxury-apartment building under construction on Ocean Avenue, across from the Wonderland T stop.

John and Michael Aldi own The Reel House in East Boston, Pier 6 in Charlestown and Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, as well as two restaurants at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

The proposed restaurant will also feature an outdoor patio and should open sometime next year.

In a statement, Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo praised the proposed restaurant as part of the upscaling of Revere Beach:

We can’t wait for Revere residents and visitors to have access to this new dining experience - the location, ease of transit and natural beauty of our waterfront really can’t be matched.

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I'm joking. The Reel House was my single worst meal of last year. really appalling service, mediocre food at high prices, drinks (including cocktails and wine) served in big, flimsy plastic cups for no apparent reason, a problem when it's windy, which it was.

(Typical moment: server disappears for ten minutes, is spotted making out with her boyfriend at the bar, finally shows up with my beer. "Sorry, we're out of that IPA you ordered, so I brought you this farmhouse ale, because it's pretty much the same thing." Rather than wait 20 minutes for a beer, I drank it.)

Spectacular patio view, though.

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I despise your "profession"

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Why do you despise food writers?

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I couldn't pay my utilities with what I net on it, never mind my rent.

And all professional food critics are dinosaurs in a tar pit: we know that. But for now, I do my homework, get my facts straight, and try to be fair. Stepping on people's toes is part of the job.

You won't ever find me claiming to be an expert or authority on anything. I expect most of the people who read me do so because they share my sensibilities (we like and dislike the same sorts of places), so they find my recommendations reliable.

The fact is, I went out of my way *not* to review the Reel House for The Improper because I only get 24 reviews a year, and I'd rather spend the time steering people to places I think are good. I figure the places I think suck will either go out of business on their own, or thrive serving an audience that doesn't care about my opinion anyway. De gustibus, et cetera.

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I have found out about many new places and things to order at those places because of mc slim. So I'm glad he and others do what they do. I read the people who review food i have found i agree with at least some of the times. Why in the world do you have so much anger towards them?

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Maybe you should actually read what Slim writes instead of passing a blanket judgement.

He's probably one of the best foodies around. He isn't "selling ad space" in trade for good reviews (*ahem* Andleman Brothers), or sell out when the TV show was cancelled (TV diner).

Its just straight up food reviews that are HONEST and FACTUAL.

I've been to several places MC Slim has recommended and the review was on target. Those other guys.. not so much. (I went to Franks based on their rave.. I walked out due to horrible service)

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I'm sure that will be a similar dining experience to eating your Kelly's in one of the Pavillions -meaning that the seagull hoards will descend upon your food.

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So last weekend I was walking up Revere Beach from Beachmont to Wonderland, and was pointing out all the places that will be "luxury" buildings in 10 years (that aren't already). It's mind-blowing, but Revere Beach will be a sought-after spot in the region. I mean, it should be because it's a lot better than its reputation, but it'll be filled with people who wouldn't even be caught dead there today.

But check out the quality of these buildings. They are utter shit. There is this new building near Wonderland with this little park they created abutting it which has this "WATERFRONT SQUARE" sign made out of individual metal letters. They feel like IKEA shit that could legit be ripped out by a septuagenarian. I'm sure most of the fixtures are, too, like most of the cheap "luxury" crap they throw up today. That's the case, though--they build these things cheap as they can, and are usually gone once the checks clear. I've seen too many ~10 year old flipped houses that are now falling apart because of this. Shit like this is all over East Boston, and that particular place shows the awning beginning to fall down within four years of the flip..

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Like piles of sand that they sit on, they will be mostly useless in 30-50 years because there will be no beach.

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All of this new construction is garbage crap that in 20-30 years we will be tearing down because it will be so far gone to fix. Stick construction, while works well on your home, isn't good for larger properties.

Plus these developers gotta keep costs low so they buy all the cheap crap at Home Depot and install it. (its so sad when you can pick out every piece in your home (i.e. lighting, Cabinets) and go into Home Depot and find every single one. ))

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went to the sand sculpture festival last year and looking at the decrepit places along the beach, all I could think of was what a waste of beautiful real estate. Hope it doesn't end up underwater, but in the meantime - a change long past its due date.

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Developers see neighborhoods as resources to be strip-mined, then abandoned when the vein is empty.

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Please show me all the empty ghost town developments in the metro area where greedy developers displaced residents then built developments which sit empty. You can't because this isn't China.

Seriously - what resources are being strip mined? Available building lots? Abandoned by ... being sold to someone? My house was abandoned over a 100 years ago by a greedy developer I guess.

You can be against development and gentrification without making up reasons.

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