Fire erupts in Back Bay brownstone

Fire on Cumberland Street

Fire as seen from Greenwich Park. Photo by Nate Roy.

Boston firefighters are at 24 Cumberland St. for what is now a two-alarm fire in a three-story brownstone undergoing renovation.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire in the basement spread to the first floor.




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Back Bay

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*Back Bay (That's on the other side of the SW Corridor)

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Flood lights not fire

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The main photo is not flames, which were all in the back alley, but the firemen's flood lights. Thankfully the facade was untouched. And as a construction site, the premises were empty last night.

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that's part of the St. Botolph Architectural Conservation District. A separate area than the Back Bay or South End, developed in a different period than both the South End and the area we typically think of as the Back Bay. The parking signs are an aberration, as I'm pretty sure the Transportation Department just didn't want to be bothered since it's a fairly small area.

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Parking is based on neighborhoods, not districts.It would be quite limiting if people in the "St. Botolph Architectural Conservation District" were only able to park on St. Botolph, Cumberland, Blackwood, Durham, Follen, and Albermarle Sts, no?

(Wanna learn more about districts in Boston?)

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I wasn't insinuating that

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I wasn't insinuating that parking should be on districts, but that I would consider the St. Botolph area a different neighborhood than the Back Bay. So, when describing where the fire occurred, I wouldn't have described it as the Back Bay.

I'm actually well versed in the historic districts in Boston, thank you.

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And yet...

Residents living in the Leather District (~16 acres) and Bay Village (~23 acres) manage to park within their neighborhood, no?

For reference, the St. Botolph Architectural Conservation District is ~29 acres.

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Not the Back Bay

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This is not the Back Bay. The Back Bay is bordered by Arlington St to Mass Ave, and Boylston St to Beacon St (and the alley behind Beacon St), anything else are Back Bay wannabes. People who live in the South End want to tell people they live in the Back Bay and people who live in Roxbury want to tell people they live in the South End. Doesnt make it so.

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