Fisher cat spotted in tree on JP/West Roxbury line

Jamaica Plain News talks to a guy who was walking his dog when they encountered the beast. No harm came to anyone; and yes, there are pics (well, a pic) so it did happen.


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Not "fisher cat".

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Fisher cat is a pretty common

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Fisher cat is a pretty common colloquialism in parts of New England that see these guys. I know it makes wildlife people cringe though, because of its inaccuracy.

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Fisher cat

Fishermen don't like being confused with these animals. The things don't even have to get a license!

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What’s the creepiest is

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how it’s not intimidated at all by the guy or his Lab—no shy wildlife here. Those things will f up even a big dog.

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Boston fishers

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A couple months back there was a dead one on W Milton St. in Readville. I saw its face when I drove by and thought it was a cryptid because I'd never seen anything like it before in 20 years of living in Boston!

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Even when they are not

Even when they are not screaming!

I'm glad the ones in the Fells seem to have retreated into the woodlands. They killed several cats and dogs a couple years back.

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The Fisher is a mustelid (weasel family), not a feline. I can understand the confusion, though -- both are agile and like to kill things.

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Talks to a woman,

not a guy, who spotted the fisher.

But do visit the woods. A great urban woodland.

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