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Former BPD commissioner to provide consulting to troubled State Police

State Police announced today that one-time BPD Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole will provide pro-bono "law enforcement management consulting services."

O'Toole, a former State Police lieutenant colonel and state Public Safety Secretary, was appointed as BPD commissioner by Tom Menino in 2004. She left Boston in 2006 for Ireland, where she led efforts to reform the national police force, the Garda. In 2014, she became police commissioner in Seattle, a post she retired from this past December.

In a statement, State Police Col. Kerry Gilpin said:

Former Commissioner O’Toole possesses a wealth of knowledge about, and experience in, leading and bringing positive change to major police agencies, and my Command Staff and I look forward to her input and ideas about law enforcement to help improve the department.

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That's like hiring a dunk to tell an heroin addict how to clean up their life.

W-T-F is the state thinking?!

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we're not paying for her service.

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In this case we will get what we pay for.

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Unfortunately this means that the worst of the State Police scandals aren't over they are just beginning to surface and Kathy O'Toole has been brought in for damage control.

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Because of how she handled the Snelgrove killing?

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Pro Bono?

One wonders if she's really qualified to deal with our more entrepreneurial law enforcement officers.

Seriously, I wish her all the best., The State Police and similarly scam artist police need to be on the right side of the law.

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State Police: we refuse to share jurisdiction of the Seaport with the BPD. It’s our and ours alone. We won’t even talk about it.

Also State Police: Crap, we suck and are a complete mess. We better ask the former head of the BPD to help us clean our shit up.

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