Former prosecutor jumps into race for Suffolk County DA


Rachel Rollins, who has served as an assistant US attorney in Boston and an assistant district attorney in Plymouth County and , announced today she is joining the race to succeed Dan Conley, retiring after this year as Suffolk County District Attorney.

We deserve a system where addiction, poverty and mental illness are not criminalized; where socio-economic status and race don’t increase the likelihood that someone is incarcerated; and where the District Attorney, prosecutors and members of law enforcement are a true reflection of the rich diversity in the communities that they are sworn to protect and serve. I am running to be the next District Attorney for Suffolk County because I believe that, with strong leadership and a commitment to social justice, transparency and an innovative approach to community involvement, the system can be improved without sacrificing the safety of the community.

Rollins also served as chief council at both Massport and the MBTA. She is a past president of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association.

Also running is state Rep. Evandro Carvalho (D-Dorchester), who as an assistant DA in Suffolk County before he was elected to the State House, and Greg Henning, the current chief of the gang unit in the Suffolk DA’s office. Another possible candidate, at large City Councilor Michael Flaherty, who also once worked as an assistant DA in Suffolk County, has yet to make an announcement one way or the other.




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Same Here

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The ones who have actual experience as prosecutors are definitely out front.

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All of these "social justice"

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All of these "social justice" oriented candidates are campaigning on solving a problem that doesn't exist. Suffolk counties problem is that they are too lenient on criminals. It is not like we are locking people up for bullshit crimes like they do in other parts of the country. Our problem is that highly violent individuals that prey on and terrorize our communities constantly get light punishments (if any at all) that allows them to continue their savagery. Now, much of this is not even the fault of the DA but the fault of ivory tower judges and the members of our community that serve on the juries. The fact stands though, that often the only way for serious criminals in Suffolk County to get their comeuppance is for them to be prosecuted by the feds.

Of course, "social justice" is the buzzword that a large segment of our progressive voterbase wants to hear, especially in these Trumpian times. But I wish the candidates for DA would be above the nonsense and just focus on plain old justice.

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There wasn't much point in

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There wasn't much point in reading any further after you put social justice in quotation marks...

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Massport and MBTA chief Counsel

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I wonder how many sexual harassment, wrongful termination, police brutality lawsuits she handled and how many confidential settlements costing taxpayers millions of dollars she signed off on.

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