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Former state senator who was facing charges is found dead

Brian Joyce, 56 and formerly of Milton, was found dead in his Wesport home, while awaiting trial on federal corruption charges, WHDH reports, adding foul play is not suspected.



as with Hernandez? Wife gets the pension?

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Show a bit of decorum.

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Especially with a Lower Mills handle.

When Joyce first ran for Senate in 1998, it was him against Maureen Feeney. Lower Mills was then part of the district. He did everything he could whilst campaigning in Milton to disparage Dot. The sotto voce quote, since the district was long held by someone in Dorchester, was "Their Neighborhoods, Our Money". This guy was the personification of a Two Toilet Over The Neponset looking down on the great unwashed of Dorchester that used to come out of houses off of Brook Road and Thatcher Street in the 80's. Trust me, I was on the receiving end of it as a teenager.

He stole. He was corrupt. He forced the ISO to take a solar farm on my Alma Mater into the grid that was not cost effective and the electric company did not want. He was stealing dry cleaning services. That is about a pathetic potentate as you can get.

He was reported to have been caught at least once, though rumored to be more, in flagrante delicato in the Blue Hills and the local cops looked the other way. It was rumored that the Rosenberg scandal was going to mark him as well.

He was under federal investigation for stealing close to a million.

I think decorum with this person left the building a while back.

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Decorum for his wife and family genius. Have some manners.

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Sub Ubi.

Just because he has left this mortal coil, does not mean that what he did did not happen. If anything there are sighs of relief from a lot of people who might not now be receiving a target letter and or subpoena (look another Latin word) from your friendly neighborhood US Attorney’s Office.

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