Fort Point Channel to get floating artificial reef

Artificial reef

Greg Cook reports on the floating reef that's scheduled to be placed in Fort Point Channel today to bring some attention to the plight of the world's coral reefs.


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Hideous, sorry!

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I was thinking that.

That, and that most of the sculptures that go in the channel a) are often hideous (see anon's post, above) and b) have bits fall off of them into the water.

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High winds sunk the 'reef'

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According to Greg's website, here is an update:

Update Oct. 17: Oh, goodness, the good ship “Create Coral Reef” has apparently sunk! Beck wrote on Facebook yesterday: “Last night, the Boston Harbor had gale winds reaching up to 75 miles per hour. Several boats capsized included our beloved CREATE CORAL REEF. After talking with TOW BOAT U.S.A, they believed the sailboat couldn’t withstand the strong gusts of wind and fell over. In the next day or two, TRM will be working with the boat towing company to lift it up, pump out the water, and tow it back to the boat launch area to take it to Fitchburg. We will then repair and re-design it for a more stable barge-like vessel.”

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