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Four-story apartment building proposed for Morton Street in Mattapan

Rendering of proposed 775 Morton St.

Architect's rendering.

A developer is proposing a 27-unit apartment building on what is now two vacant lots on Morton Street at Wildwood Street.

In a filing with the BPDA, Corvo Construction Corp. of Randolph says the first floor of the $5.5-million building would consist of retail space. The company is proposing 29 parking spaces in a ground-level lot.

Most of the units would have two bedrooms; three would have one bedroom each. Four units would be rented as affordable.

In its filing, Corvo says the building's "attractive architecture" would "be in harmony with the established neighborhood" and would enliven both the residential area and the neighboring commercial block.

775 Morton St. small-project review application (6.9M PDF).

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It makes no difference which neighborhood these buildings are proposed. They are all the same box like structures. Some originality would be appreciated.

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I mean, that part of Mattapan is full of triple deckers, so having the formulaic early 20th century architecture paired with formulaic early 21st century architecture seems like a good match. It sort of looks like a blockier version of a couple triple deckers glued together, although with retail mixed in too.

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I really don't know what people expect new buildings to look like. Should they have marble pillars and statues on them or something? You're not going to get iconic architecture on a cheap, apartment building.

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You aren't going to get iconic architecture and affordability, especially in NIMBYlandia.

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4 whole affordable units? Golly! Don't strain yourselves, developers.

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