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Frozen food shuts turnpike/128 interchange

Rolled over refrigerator truck on ramp from Massachusetts Turnpike to I-95

State Police report an early-morning rollover by a tractor trailer hauling frozen food shut the ramps from the turnpike to 128 and the ramp from 128 north to the turnpike. The vehicle was righted and moved out shortly before 7 a.m.



What's with the two people in the foreground with long white capes?

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Those are the driver and passenger of the rig covered in towels. Fox 25 reported they are two brothers and this morning’s passenger was the driver that Storrowed a truck in January. These guys aren’t super good at their jobs.

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And brought their towels.

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They show up at every crash site to offer automatic legal and moral absolution to all drivers involved

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the driver was too busy triple-checking his blind spot for cyclists to notice the curve in the ramp.

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Lets just pretend bikes are allowed on the pike, its adorable that you think a truck driver checks their blind spot for cyclists, let alone multiple times.

Naturally I expect this thread won't devolve into 100+ anecdotal exchanges of transgressions by cyclists and car-apologist talking points.

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The annual Herring Run is in full swing.

You can even count herring online! https://www.mysticherring.org/

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