Fundraiser set up for family burned out of JP home

Friends and neighbors of the Andujar family have set up a GoFundMe page for the family, who lost their Lamartine Street home in a fire on Tuesday.



And after you donate to that....

Liz Miranda has set up a wonderful GoFundMe page for local kids from the Hawthorne Center to see Black's the quote...

My name is Liz Miranda and I am the Executive Director of the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center in Boston's Robxury neighborhood. I am a life-long Boston resident. Besides running my organization full-time, I sit on multiple community boards and am an activist mostly focusing on young people, girls and anti-violence initiatives. The fund you are donating to, is to specifically support as many youth in Boston to go see Black Panther for free along with snacks during the Boston School vacation week.

Two worthy Go Fund Me local projects! Donate!

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Since she is a "life long

By on

Since she is a "life long Boston resident" I will be sure to donate. If she had moved here from somewhere else--no goddam way!

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