GE no longer wants a helipad, but Suffolk Construction does

Suffolk Construction is seeking city permission to build a helicopter landing pad on what's now a parking lot across from its headquarters on Allerton Street in Roxbury.

The company had been scheduled for a hearing before the Board of Appeals this morning for its 82 Kemble St. proposal, but the board agreed to postpone the hearing until March 6, after a Suffolk executive said the company is still engaged in discussions with nearby residents and civic groups about the proposal.



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escape pod

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are helicopters essentially Viagra for rich men?

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I used to love the one over by A Street. What happened to that one? How about the one near the old Spaulding? What happened to that one? Answer: not enough traffic to justify the use.

Good to see Linda Forry's presence being felt. And so soon!!!

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Much too close to a residential area

GE's would have at least been bordered mostly by water. Wasn't it going to be in the Marine Industrial Park?

I expect Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative will get this quickly shot down.

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if not I'm sure the Southies will chime in

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There's a lady over there whose life seems to revolve around complaining about air traffic. She's a frequent herald quote and been grumbling about it on their fb page. I'm sure she could spin a way to be victimized by this, even though she's a few miles away over on the east side.

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