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Candy corn on display on July 18

Andrew Applegate reports the Stoneham Stop & Shop had Halloween candy out yesterday, which, let's check the calendar here, was July 18.

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Candy corn can be enjoyed all year round, unlike let's say orange colored Kit-Kats, which are strictly an Autumn commodity.

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You lost me at "Candy corn can be enjoyed".

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I 'm not the biggest fan of candy corn either, but I buy one bag a year as tradition.

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I wish it were available year-round!

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If you go into grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores, it's usually available in peg bags. Sometimes it has the brand on it, but mostly it's in the store brand packaging. If you're not careful, you might accidentally buy the "off" brand, but it's definitely available.

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Well it's Stoneham, so they are probably just late getting it out for last year. Goatees are just getting hip among the 50+ set there.

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You need to plant candy corn by May if you're to get a harvest by October. Plant now and you'd be lucky to even get baby candy corn.

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Since this is Boston, it's worth noting the sophistication of the natives. They taught the colonists how adding 1-2 Swedish fish to the hole with the candy corn you could greatly increase the yield.

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I called it a few weeks ago to friend who were complaining about the back to school stuff appearing before the 4th.

From here its just a slow uphill add to all the halloween stuff. By early August, stores should have costumes and decor out :p If not a dedicated aisle to candy ...

And don't you worry.. Christmas stuff will be here by Labor day.. :-)

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Haven't you heard of celebrating the festival known as 'Halloween-in-July'?
July 31

Why, it's a great tradition!
First, you need to get your 'Halloween-in-July' greeting cards in the mail immediately to be received on time.
As the festive day approaches, it's a custom in some countries to hang anyone's bathing-suit out to dry so that the holiday beach goblins can fill it with sand. lol, That's a great tradition is some cultures!
Then, you need to start thinking about your 'Halloween in July' gift-giving.
Shop early to get those deal!
And, be sure to put those special Summer goodies under the 'Halloween-in-July' lantern-tree in nice festive wrapping paper!
Who can forget the wonderful (albeit, hot!) feeling of singing those. traditional 'Halloween-in-July' songs around the campfire before the Big Day!
And, best of all......

It's celebrated for twelve days! That's twelve (12 !) days of gift-exchanging and knocking on all doors to wish everyone, "HAPPY 'HALLOWEEN-IN-JULY'!

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The Dollar Tree flyer had a "BACK TO SCHOOL" logo on the front. I cut it out and put it on my daughter's bed. She made a point of wadding it up in front of me and spiking it into the trash can.

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Now I can decorate my Christmas tree with some candy corn garland. My tree is already topped with a festive American flag and I already have the turkey stuffed with Easter eggs under it. Happy Holidays!!

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