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Gov. Baker's Independent Investigation of Sexual Assault Hides Behind US Attorney & MA State Police Secrecy Laws

Gov. Baker's son AJ was at the center of a sexual assault incident this summer on a JetBlue flight to Boston.


I-Team Exclusive: Gov. Charlie Baker’s Son Accused Of Sexual Assault

June 22, 2018 - Governor Charlie Baker’s adult son, Andrew, has been accused of an alleged sexual assault by an airline passenger... the incident happened on June 20 aboard a JetBlue Flight from Washington, DC to Boston.

..an adult female passenger told State Police that Andrew Baker, who is known as AJ, groped her breast on that flight. The woman, allegedly told authorities that Baker refused to stop touching her and that she needed the help of flight attendants to move to another seat on the plane.

A passenger on that flight told the I-Team that they saw police board the plane and remove a man and that a woman was visibly upset.

Sources say police spoke to the alleged victim and took Baker off the flight, but the Governor’s son was not arrested or summonsed to court [by the MA State Police.]


Gov. Baker says his son will cooperate with independent investigation

Jun 25, 2018


5 Investigates: Witness heard passenger tell Gov. Baker’s son, ‘don’t do that’

June 25, 2018 One witness reported hearing the passenger say, “don’t do that.” Another witness reported seeing Baker lean over toward the woman. A third person on the flight reported that Baker told a flight attendant that the woman was his sister’s friend.

JetBlue personnel advised Baker to stop his behavior and moved the woman to another seat.

According to reporting, at least three witnesses not including the flight attendant and the woman who AJ allegedly groped repeatedly have been identified. Reporting says MA State Police took the victim's statement: "[MA State Police] spoke to the alleged victim and took Baker off the flight."

Neither the reporting nor MA State Police have said one way or the other that the woman pressed charges but reporting did say "the Governor’s son was not arrested or summonsed to court [by MA State Police]," and that the case was referred to the US Attorney who has jurisdiction over in-flight sex crimes,

MA State Police have no been forthcoming with the official record they took at the time of the incident. The US Attorney has a policy of not disclosing, neither confirming nor denying any investigation, except Hillary Clinton's e-mail.

The independent investigation the governor claimed would occur is being treated like a state secret, both MA state police and US Attorney say they have prohibitions about disclosing any information or status of the case.


Gov. Charlie Baker refers questions on groping case involving son to US attorney[notwithstanding that fact he knows the US Attorney will not even confirm nor deny an investigation] Oct 4, 2018

Not everyone in the Commonwealth is entitled to secret administration of justice:


Framingham man charged with groping sleeping woman

July 2, 2018

Carlos Lobos, 43, of Framingham is charged wtih indecent assault and battery after authorities said he groped a woman after a party.

FRAMINGHAM – A Framingham man groped a woman after she fell asleep after drinking at a party on Friday, authorities said on Monday.

The woman woke up in the early morning to find Carlos Lobos, 43, on top of her groping and kissing her while his wife was in ano