Green Line at a halt; it's all the wires' fault

Waiting for a Green Line shuttle.

Shuttle? What shuttle? Timothy Dunn at Park Street.

No service at all between Government Center and Kenmore.


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And they all sought refuge on

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And they all sought refuge on the orange line. At Haymarket there were people literally pleading to squeeze onto the train because of this.

So of course the orange line had to respond with an "ill passenger" at Back Bay.


Orange Line was indeed a cluster

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At North Station, I had to wait for three trains before I could get on. The brakes then dumped between Haymarket and State. Once we recovered from that, we were held at State and then again at Downtown Crossing. I usually go to Tufts, but bailed out at Chinatown.


The other post says they

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The other post says they stepped up inspections 3 years ago, and this section of wire was inspected last week.

The question has to be asked

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How good was the inspection?

(And to be fair, I don't know how much could be gleaned from the inspection, or if something could have caused the wire to snap after the inspection. My hope is that the T is asking all of these question.)


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I grabbed the train at North Station at about 8:45. Lucked out and got a spot on the first car, but the riding still seemed heavier than usual. I then overheard the announcements about the Green Line hot mess as our southbound train got held due to a police action at Downtown Crossing. The Green Line refugees all flocked to our standing train in no time.

I enjoyed my personal space while it lasted.

Re: air getting dumped. Seems the ATO [ATC?! I admit I don't quite know the difference betwixt them] has been on the fritz for weeks. A short time ago it took nearly a half hour to get from Haymarket to Chinatown... all because the system kept defaulting to stop codes. Thankfully, an Inspector arrived to put the train on manual bypass; so it didn't turn into an hour long odyssey to Jackson Square...

A key opening for Capuano regarding the Green Line

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In light of this disaster on a picture perfect weather day, Capuano can put in emergency documents for Green Line trunk modernization at the US DOT. If the US DOT comes back and says, look Cap, its either the Green Line Trunk or the Green Line Extension, pick one: he can opt for the Green Line Trunk and remove the Somerville bias albatross on his neck. A billion in fed money for his District's core subway line or a billion in fed money for a lightly used branch in his hometown. Capuano can win a landslide with one important District move.


I was at BU Central when it

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I was at BU Central when it went down, the driver told us there was a wire down at Blandford. She also said something to the effect that we could either wait til the trains could get to Blandford and get on a shuttle bus, or we could get out and start walking. Most of us got out and started walking. If you were driving on Comm Ave this morning, you saw a lot more people than usual walking in to work.

I just missed the gas main explosion on the BU bridge last night, so apparently I had to pay for my good luck this morning.


At least it's a nice day

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Down line at Blandford sent everyone on our train walking from BU Central to Kenmore. There was a small crowd of people outside Kenmore station which was curious but figured they were just getting Ubers or something. Once I walked into the station I saw swarms of people leaving so figured something was going on. I swiped in (monthly pass) and saw the platform just filled with humanity. Quickly turned around and escaped the station to the other side of Kenmore Sq. near the U-Burger. Crossed the street and walked from there up Comm Ave. along with a lot of others, into Back Bay (in my case, up to Berkeley St.). I'm guessing it was faster than waiting for the shuttle.

Sounds like we were on the

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Sounds like we were on the same train. I also had no idea how bad it was until I got to Kenmore, I had no intention of even trying to get on a bus or a train though. I'm sure I got to Copley much quicker on foot than I would have on a bus.

I was impressed that the driver actually told us what happened. In my experience, they usually don't.

On a shuttle bus

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Trump asked Kim

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Trump asked Kim why the METRO in North Korea is clean safe and reliable and the MBTA in Boston is neither clean, safe or reliable

Not an appropriate place to protest

If these trains want to get their message across, they are just losing peoples interest and frustrating commuters by protesting this way.

There are plenty of cars and ubers to ride in so I don't know what they are complaining about.


With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel...

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Biking through Kenmore Square I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People for a bus waiting
People down Comm Av Walking
And my words were answered as I called
[Near Olmstead's Mall]
That the Green Line
Was Broken.


The lesson from all this is

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always wear comfortable shoes on your commute because you never know what day it will be faster to just walk.


Once Baker takes office he

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Once Baker takes office he will use his managerial expertise to improve the MBTA and make it more reliable while cutting costs.


I can't wait until the GLX opens

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When I go by your house, I'll wave to you.

That's 3 different post on the GLX on this story alone. You must have been overjoyed when you saw that a wire fell down on the Green Line this morning.

I think you missed the

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I think you missed the abysmal MBTA performance since Dukais left office and it wasn't great even then. Really been falling apart since the MTA era with 1967 being a year of massive service cutbacks.

On the plus side, the driver

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On the plus side, the driver of my Red Line train announced the outage before we got to Park Street, and said to take a shuttle bus or the Orange Line instead.