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Gunfire leads to arrest in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report arresting a Revere man following two rounds of gunfire around 2 a.m., first at 62 Columbia St., then a few blocks away at 637 Main St.

Police say officers were first dispatched to Columbia Street to investigate a ShotSpotter report of two shots there, then, as they were investigating that, they heard additional three additional gunshots coming from the area of Main Street.

During that response to the Main Street area and subsequent investigation, a suspect was located. A stop of the suspect was attempted by Patrol Officers assigned to that neighborhood as well as a member of the CPD Port Task Force. The suspect fled and was apprehended by the officers almost immediately thereafter. A firearm, marijuana and other drug evidence were recovered. An officer involved in attempting to detain the suspect was injured and had to be transported to a Boston Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Jean Carlos Almodovar, 23, of Revere, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and resisting arrest, police say.

Police say they did not find any shooting victims.

Innocent, etc.



At least he doesn't appear to be MS13. I guess that makes all the difference when the round strikes someone.
Is he from somewhere before he was 'of Revere'? Or is he a solid American citizen?

I'm asking for the judge...it might affect the sentencing. Ask the relatives of those two doctors killed in Southie a while back.

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I am guessing by the name you are making the assumption that they are an immigrant and not a citizen or born here? How surprising.

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"Is he from somewhere before he was 'of Revere'? Or is he a solid American citizen? " is what I asked.

I'm making the assumption, based on the firearms, drug violations and his name, that it's a legitimate question. I assumed no immigration status. There have been quite a few illegal alien criminals featured here on UH. Of course, we have no shortage of American criminals. Not enough information yet.

Reading comprehension. You should try it sometime.

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Since my comment obviously went way over your head, I think you might want to take this advice yourself. Thanks for reaffirming the point I was making, though.

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Why would that matter?

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