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Guy who was convicted of beating a man in Belle Isle Marsh is now charged with fatally beating another man there

A homeless man formerly from Hingham has been indicted on charges of manslaughter and unarmed robbery of a person over 60 for the 2016 death of an 83-year-old East Boston man in in Belle Isle Marsh - three days after he'd beaten another man there, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Michael Bruzzese, 52, was indicted by a Suffolk County grand jury on Dec. 20 for the death of Daniel Pepe on May 29, 2016, but arrested this morning in Cambridge, the DA's office says.

Pepe was found on a bench suffering trauma to the left side of his face and the back of his head but unable to tell emergency medical technicians what had happened. While his car was located in the reservation’s parking lot, his keys were missing. Pepe was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he died on June 1 of blunt force injuries to the head.

Bruzzese had already pleaded guilty to beating and robbing a 67-year-old man at the same spot in the marsh on June 1, 2016 and received an 18-month jail sentence for that attack, the DA's office says.

His indictment came about two weeks after he'd finished an 18-month sentence for that beating.

Innocent, etc.


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Homeless characters “formerly” of Cohasset and Hingham!!! I say!

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Is it a separate kind of charge if you kill and rob a person under 60?

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I was surprised by this too. In the above case it's the robbery charge but not manslaughter that carries the special designation. These are the current "crimes against the elderly":

MGL c.265 s.15A Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, victim 60 or older.
MGL c.265 s.15B Assault with a dangerous weapon, victim 60 or older
MGL c.265 s.18 Assault with intent to murder, victim 60 or older
MGL c.265 s.19 Robbery by unarmed person, victim 60 or older

The above are specified in addition to MGL c.19A s.14 Elder abuse.

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A long standing practice of rich suburban communities is to have their police ship their homeless,drug addicts and troublesome teens via the MBTA into Boston.

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they get the Drop Kick Murphys and we get their homeless.

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Which is why Marty should be making a fuss about sending bills to these communities. Why should Boston be responsible for their failure to take care of their own?

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Bruzzese, who lived for years at 9# H####y St. in Hingham, has a history of car breaks and burglaries, mostly in Hingham, that date back to 1991, when Bruzzese was 26 and living in Taunton. That year, police named Bruzzese as their suspect in a wave of Hingham Square break-ins that had taken place over several months. He was arrested after he was seen breaking into a car in the Stars Restaurant parking lot and later stole a car from behind the now-defunct Colonial Bar & Grill while trying to escape police.

Then in 1998, Bruzzese, who was by then living in Hingham, was convicted of stealing a car and sentenced to six months in jail. Four months later, while still in jail, he was arraigned on additional charges of breaking into cars. He received another six months for those charges.

Bruzzese was arrested again barely a year after the verdict, this time for breaking into someone’s home. He was arrested again for burglary six years later, in September 2005.


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The suburbs have always dumped their homeless, drug addicts, mentally troubled to Boston to care for them.
Quincy is squawking about a new bridge to Long Island, when a good percentage of the residents out there are from the South Shore.

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