Handmaids to protest Supreme Court pick this evening

Handmaids against Kavanagh will hold a vigil on Beacon Street outside the State House at 6:45 p.m. That'll then morph into an Everyone against Treason protest until 10 p.m.



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Soros Payroll

I can't wait to get on the Soros Protest Payment Plan so I can quit my job to wear my antifa handmaid's uniform to all these happening protests!

I hear its easy to be a paid protester - they are at every single event to hear Hannity tell it! And you really can't beat the healthcare and 401K plans!

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So you think anyone who doesn

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So you think anyone who doesn't work 8-6 Monday through Friday is unemployed? Open your eyes on the weekend or after or before work. Lots of people working, cops, fire, manufacturing, retail, construction, restaurants, self employed, etc.

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Handmaids against Kavanagh?

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What exactly is Handmaids against Kavanagh? For that matter, what exactly is a handmaid in 2018? Am I out of touch or are they?

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It's from a farkakte TV show

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You're not out of touch. If you don't spend too much time in front of the TV set it's a good thing.

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Its our state capitol, and

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Its our state capitol, and where the highest level politician in MA works (Baker), who also is in Trumps party.

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It's a building full of

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It's a building full of people who have no say in the nomination process. That was my point.

Even Baker just being of the same party is a tenuous link. He's not a stealth conservative or Trump supporter.

If the protest were more specific against Diehl I could understand it since he's possibly in the building and in theory he will win his primary and then challenge Warren and win in some fluke occurrence. But supposedly the Kavanaugh business will be concluded before the midterms.

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Do make up your minds, comrades

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"Treason" implies the existence of nations and a rally against treason implies that nations and their people ought to command the loyalty of government officials at least and private citizens nominally.

You know. Nations. Geographically-delineated things. With borders. The presence of which allows one to distinguish whether someone should command their loyalty.

But I'll say it again. This is a positive thing. Trump has done what no Republican or Democrat politician has been able to do in generations: get lefties to believe that the Russians are the bad guys and the wall between us and them isn't concocted by war mongers and lunatics. Kudos.

Now what do we need to do to get you guys to abandon Marxism too?

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