Harbor cruise ship loses power, hits several moored sailboats

NBC Boston reports none of the Newton eighth graders on the Odyssey were hurt and that the damage to the other boats appeared minor.


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8th Grade Field Trip On The Odyssey?

Really? Who lost a bet?

My 8th Grader went to Canobie Lake. That's fun.

Did any Newton 8th Graders need to sappily propose marriage this afternoon whilst on the water?

If you are going to take 8th graders on the water, put them on the Hingham catamarans. At least you get to zip by on the top deck at 25 MPH.

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The boat crash

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More than made up for any deficit.

C'mon - they are out of school on a hot day. Still better than nothing!

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Probably going to the Harbor Islands

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Their website says "Odyssey offers cruises departing from Rowes Wharf along Boston Harbor from Castle Island to George's Island, east to the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island and back to the Charlestown Naval Yard before returning to the wharf. It also offers group events for school field trips."

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Harbor cruise, I’m sure the

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Harbor cruise, I’m sure the incident got the kids off their phones for a few! Maybe some good insta or Snapchat photos/ video.

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News report I saw on TV

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News report I saw on TV showed the Odyssey drifting into a bunch of moored sailboats. Oops.

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Thanks to you both

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For pointing out your nautical knowledge related to what is a moot point. Now, back to your polo ponies and nanny/mistresses.

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Nah, words still have meaning

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Even in this day and age, so I've corrected the headline, because even a confirmed landlubber like me knows there's a difference between a boat tied to a dock and a boat just sitting in the water with an anchor or whatever it is that keeps them from moving these days.

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It's a mooring, Mr. Brooklyn

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Just kidding about the sobriquet. :)

A mooring is like a permanent anchor. Heavy weight on the sea floor with a line attached to a buoy at the top. boats can just pull up and hook up w/o dropping anchor.

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