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Herald getting squeezed more

CommonWealth surveys the latest damage to the once feisty tabloid.

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As Ockham's Razor teaches us, "entities should not be multiplied needlessly" so it makes perfect sense in the internet age to combine things in one shop, thankfully in Colorado not Manila, Philippines like the Globe. It's not like they need an illustrator commuting to the Herald's office to draw a picture for Ernie Boch or Herb Chambers latest car sale.

It looks like the Herald has actually added qualified staff where it matters these days, like local reporters and columnists.

The story of "damage" to the "once feisty" Herald smacks of clinging to the past. How is the paper less feisty if the person looking to place an ad is emailing Colorado and not the Seaport?

With Climate Change 90 degree weather possible this weekend, perhaps we can lament the loss of the horse drawn ice wagon that once helped keep groceries cool. Times change, often for the better.

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shitting on American made newspaper.

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It's where I get actual local news, not the suburban news of Daddy's paper. Hillary Chaboot knows
what's going on. You go girl!

Having two papers has been good for the City and region, and I hope it continues to be.
(That's what Daddy told me to say.) Good thing he can't Snapchat.


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Are they still around? I've had no need for them since my bird died. But now since I can't return my LL Bean Boots, maybe I could use them again. Is there an app that suggest uses of old, crappy newspapers.

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that the Herald is dead can be found on the fact that they turned the editorial page over to the pudgy hands of a born racist, congenital idiot and man whose journalism pedigree is being a doorman at the Parker House, Tom Shattuck!!

You'll no doubt see it in the continued rants of nitwits like Adriana Cohen, Howie Carr, and Shattuck's former boss when he was an intern at WTKK, Michael Graham.

So DigitalFirst really has shown that they could give two shits about this property and will sell of whatever assets it has left eventually or just take the loss.

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YOU GONNA LOVE WHAT I DO NEXT.................

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